21ST Century Apostle

“I AM here only to be truly helpful. I AM here to represent The Creator who sent me. I AM here to say and do whatever The Creator who directs me - sent me to do. I AM here and content to be wherever The Creator wishes - knowing The Creator goes there with me. I AM here to be healed as I let The Creator teach me to heal all others.” (FACIM, A Course in Miracles; t-2.V.18:2-6, 1975, Penguin Books.) 

A Psychic is sensitive to nonphysical forces and influences. A Medium is an intermediary who can communicate with those who are not in the physical form. A Shaman has visions to share and works with energy. An Exorcist is skilled with removing invading, dark presences, spells, curses and hexes. All Psychics are intuitive, but not all Psychics are Mediums, and very few are Exorcists. More rare, is the Shaman. I Am blessed with these gifts. As an intuitive, I see those that are not in physical form (clairvoyant), hear them (clairaudient), communicate with them (medium) and use these gifts for the betterment of mankind. I Am also privileged to have the skills to help spirits to pass over into the Light, to remove dark invading presences, attachments, perform house clearings and blessings. (Please see pimsuccess1.com for Paranormal Investigators of Michigan, LLC.) 

I Am honored to be called Shaman. I enjoy the gifts unique unto them: visions, seeing past lives, working with energy, helping with healing, providing totems and explaining their significance, and creating medicine bags. Through inner sight and meditation, I can see discord in the physical body, interference with the spiritual path and family curses. I have assisted with healing on many levels, including bipolar challenges.

I Am an ordained Minister and I officiate weddings. 

I have over 25 years of professional experience in these areas. I Am blessed to have these gifts and I use them to be helpful by serving God, The Great Creator, and by assisting those who come to me for help. Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you. 

Love and Golden Light to You and Yours, 
James, Little Eagle Standing Strong, 21st Century Apostle

Note: Readings are for your entertainment and are not meant to take the place of a physician, a psychologist or a legal professional.