"Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, wisdom is of the future." Lumbee

“The I-Ching (Chinese Book of Changes) advises that “Perseverance furthers.” My journey has been one of perseverance, probably much like yours in terms of continuing to work hard through difficult situations. When I needed clarification and guidance, I looked for it and it was there. As a child, I received intuitive messages and impressions and saw and conversed with spirits. It may be my rich Celtic and Native American heritage that contributed to my intuition: Scots- Irish, Chiricahua Apache, Miami Indian and Siksika-Black Foot. I remember relatives and friends that had passed away - talking with me from ‘The Other Side.’ I didn’t know that my perceptions were “unusual” so I didn’t hide them from my family. I got confused because I was constantly rebuked by my parents for what I saw. I got in trouble for telling family members where to find lost articles and I was accused of hiding them. Tired of their reactions, I blocked my psychic awareness. Later, as an adult, I was approached by a homeless woman who said that she was directed by Spirit to tell me, “It is time to use your intuitive abilities.” Since then, I have studied extensively with many teachers – and three distinguished Shaman. My studies continue through my life’s experiences, meditation, my attunement to Mother Earth and The Great Spirit. 

I have a very unique skill - entity and spirit removal. After the message from the homeless woman when I began to redevelop my psychic skills, I started to be plagued by negative beings following me in my dreams. I quickly saw that I could consciously act within my dreams and take control of my situations. I became adept at removing dark presences. As “like attracts like,” other people were drawn to me with similar challenges of being bothered by things that could not be seen physically. I was called upon to remove disturbances in their dream world (the Astral Plane) which progressed into more demanding removals of ghosts, spirits and entities, demons and attachments. Each experience was different and progressively more difficult. No two cases have ever been alike. I am an effective Exorcist with 25 plus years of experience. 

In my work, I strive to bring the very purest of messages to those inquiring and provide suggestions and solutions, where necessary. Most of all, I am blessed to be here to be helpful, to serve God by helping people. 

Love and Golden Light to You and Yours, 
James, Little Eagle Standing Strong