"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha 

Denise M., Saint Clair Shores, MI 
James is truly a spiritual, gifted man. I can list several occasions on which James was able to provide me with accurate and helpful information. The most memorable are the following: - After a tragic family incident, we hired a private investigator to help us find a missing family member (Mike). After many weeks of searching, the investigator had not found anything. After remembering that James had once told me that this would happen, I called James to ask if there was anything more he might be able to tell me. James informed me not only where our loved one was located (in an empty building near streets that formed a "Y"), but also what happened, and that he would be found in the Spring. He was correct about everything. 
After the incident fore mentioned, James called me to tell me that our deceased loved one came to him asking him to tell my daughter to look for a long flat, silver box. My daughter searched for this box and found it- exactly as he described it - not ever knowing it existed - and inside she found a song Mike had written about how much he loved her. 
My son Ian joined the Army. I saw James to asked if he would be okay. He said he was safe for "now." Ian was sent to Korea. When his two years were up in Korea, I saw James again and said "I remember you saying he is safe for NOW, what did you mean?" James replied that he would go to Iraq now but would only return with something wrong with his leg. Ian was then sent to Iraq - and returned safely. He was standing in the kitchen that first day and complaining about constant leg pain. I laughed to myself - at least he was in one piece. 
James told me that I was going to be a grandmother. Two weeks later my son called me from overseas telling me that I was going to be a grandmother. My son had only found out himself that day. 
-A friend of mine, Linda, was dating Matt who disappeared for two years and would not tell her where he had been. I asked James - only giving him his first name - and James said that Matt cheated on Linda and had a baby with another woman. The relationship didn't work out with the other woman so Matt came back to Linda. I told my friend and she confronted Matt and he admitted that it was true. James also said that Matt was not a good guy and Linda should stop seeing him. After borrowing a lot of money from Linda, she found out that Matt was still seeing the other woman. 

Judy, Royal Oak, Michigan
I have known James for over 10 years. He has done readings for me. One of the most important was when my father passed away and no one knew where the important papers were. James spoke with my father from The Other Side and everything was exactly where he told us. He has been accurate about practical things such as where to find articles to love matters. He told me that I would meet a man, fall in love and that music would be a big part of our lives. It took 8 years for my love to appear but he did. Now we sing country music together and make music all the time at home. I highly recommend James.

A Devoted Client in Texas 
I have been a client of James’ for more than 15 years. He is a deeply talented intuitive, shaman and healer. The guidance he provides is always exactly what I need to know at any given time. He has always been accurate. All of my readings have been via telephone. He is amazing and I highly recommend him!

Cynthia D., Ann Arbor MI 
James, Little Eagle Standing Strong has the gift of inner vision that allows him to see what is going on within the body. He looked at me and said that I had an unusual amount of white blood cells in my body in the moth of October. At that time, I was not aware of any physical symptoms. By December, I had developed a low grade fever that continued for months. I went to the doctor and he could find nothing. He acknowledged that my blood tests showed an infection, but since there were no other symptoms, he thought that they were wrong. As the condition persisted, so did the tests. I started to feel something in my eye that felt unusual. It took an MRI and a change in physician to discover that there was a tiny cyst in my sinus right below my eye that was causing the infection. James, Little Eagle Standing Strong saw the infection months before it was physically diagnosed. 

Daniel Jacks, Washington D.C. 
I’ve known James for many good years, as a person whom I seek-out to better understand where I stand in the present moment, in relationship to the past, and where I might want to go next in my life. Whether for guidance on love, family and friends, and career, James is very accurate, supporting, compassionate, professional, and personable when delivering messages which address spoken, and even unspoken, questions on my mind and heart. 
Showing James’ passion for service and dedication to those who call upon him, it is not unusual for James to contact me several days after our meeting, sometimes because he sensed information prior shared has become immediately relevant, or sometimes because he sensed circumstances changed since our last meeting, and his wanting to share a word of advice or perspective … Always James knowing when to lend his support, at the absoluteright time, every time. Across the years, as my spirit-walk evolves, James is there for me, helping to guide and mentor me through new ways of thinking about, and moving within, life. James has a gift for knowing how to present valued knowledge and wisdom within a sequence of timing and manner, having my walking a new path, enjoyable, effective, healing and empowering. 
More recently, as the spirit-world has opened to me, James continues to offer his exceptional service, as Shaman … Teaching me how things work, and how to best interact, with the world of spirit. In this realm, James has given me tools, from his own expertly honed experience, which has opened to me, worlds of possibility. A master of many aspects of the earth and spirit worlds, James does not disappoint, comes highly recommended, is ‘the real deal’, whose presence and person can only benefit you on your life journey. 

Sherry, Atlanta GA
When I had problems with a job, James was able to tell me exactly what was going on. With his valuable information, I looked for a job before mine was discontinued and I landed on my feet. Thank you James